The Do Over

Restored Woodland Heights Property

The Do Over: Restoring a Woodland Heights Property

March 31, 2016 – By Cynthia Lescalleet
For The Leader

Restoring a 1908 home to its original glory was a “respectful exercise,” say homeowners Dominic Yap and Lin Chong of Woodland Heights. When they first saw the bedraggled property, it had been divided into three apartments, and a trio of units occupied the back yard.

After a 14-month transformation, ending last May, the house is single again and the yard is just a yard, a feature the couple’s dogs especially enjoy.

“The house was crying out for a long time,” Chong said. As they ripped out apartment-related air conditioners, mail boxes, kitchens, walls and toilets, they could almost hear their home’s sighs of relief.

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